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of 30,000 infantry and 7,000 horse, where they met a large
army comprising mainly of the Boyas and the Cencus under
Timma Nayadu. A fierce engagement took place in which
Timma Xayadu slew several chiefs such as Ravilla Timmanna,
Koneti Tiinmayya; Ceruvuri Narayana, Peruri Nayadu and
Konda Singayya and Appayya ; the remining chiefs fled from
the field in confusion. This battle was fought on Sunday,
Bhadrapada su 8}* Virodhi, corresponding to a. S. 1452. Some
years after this victory, Jivali Ubalaraju slew Timma Xayadu,
taking advantage of a difficult situation in which he found

ri Varhsaearitra, pp. 83-5.


Velugoti Cinna Timma (i&, Gam Timma Nayadu) who
was governing the region about the Srisaila hill was com-
missioned (probably by Acyutadevaraya) to subdue the petty
chiefs that were holding the country between the Krna, the
Kolleru and the eastern sea. He set out from Kondavidu in
the morning and arrived in due time at Darsi to inspect the
military preparations in the forts ; when he reached Karralla
on Sunday, Bhadrapada su 8J Virodhi, he found an army of
30,000 foot and 7,0<JO horse comprising the contingents of
the Kamma and Kafu chiefs drawn up in battle array in the
maidan outside the village of MaUapuram. On seeing this
host Timma ISayadu gave the order for battle and a fierce fight

The following chiefs opposed Timma Nayadu in this

1.    Ravela Timmayya.

2.    Peruri Nayadu.

* The date is wrong ; the Saka. and cyclic years do not coincide. x S* 1452 corres-
ponds to Vikjti and not Virodhi. Neither in Virodlii nor in Vikfti doas Bnldrapad*
su 8 fall on a Sunday.
t This poem was evidently composed by a Bha| iriu> ws * dependent of TbranS
celebrate his master's victory over the Sndhra feudatories,
BhXdr!adA fa 8 was not Sunday but TJwrsd*y.